Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fireworks ch02

Here's the next part of Fireworks, enjoy!



Chapter 2
‘What do you do with a half-dead man lying on your couch?’

Mohinder pointed his gun at the chest of the man lying before him. It was the fifth time in the last fifteen minutes and once again just when he was about to pull the trigger he lowered the gun. In little breaks between hesitating to shoot he treated his wounds. The cuts weren’t dangerous but the problem was with the big loss of blood. Even so, nothing was as deadly as it looked. The most mysterious thing was that the place where Hiro stabbed him was healed perfectly. No scar, or anything that would say there was a deadly wound in that place.
A little wooden figure hit Mohinder in the head. The impact was big, but it was not enough to make him unconscious. Well it was already the second time, so he was a little bit more prepared for it than when the first hit took place. Sylar’s powers were going crazy, probably because he was still in a half-conscious state. He was freezing everything and making most of the objects fly around, but that still was better than going nuclear or making everything melt. But the worst thing was that every little sound made him scream in pain.
Mohinder looked at the bandaged man, picked up his phone and dialed a number.

Beeeeep… beeeep…

Nobody answered for a long time but the waiting finally repaid.
‘Bennet? He’s here!’ Mohinder almost screamed to the phone. Nobody replied so he went on with the speech. ‘He appeared in my apartment and then…’ the Indian stopped. The person on the other side of the phone was definitely not Noah Bennet. In fact, it probably wasn’t a male at all, guessing from the fact that he still didn’t hear any shouting on the other side of the phone.
‘I think… you got the wrong number…’ a young woman’s voice came out of the phone.
‘I’m terribly sorry, ma’am…’ Mohinder said glad that the lady on the other side could not see his face blush. He pushed the red button on the portable phone about the same time the girl did.
He looked at the screen. Off course… he dialed a ‘4’ instead of ‘5’… He picked the number again checking it twice, no three times so that he didn’t make a mistake. Of course he had to hurry… His hands were shaking from fear and the cold provided by the half-conscious Sylar lying on the couch. He pushed the green button.

Beeeep… beeeep…

He waited for the other side to pick up the phone.

Beeeep… beeeep…

Finally he could here a ‘click’.
‘He’s here!’ Mohinder screamed.
‘Mohinder?’ a familiar voice came from the other side.
‘That man’s here! He’s lying on my couch, half conscious and oh my god… He’s ruining my house completely!’ Mohinder continued to complain although half of what he said was barely understood by Noah Bennet.
‘What do you mean…? He’s in your apartment?’
‘Yes… I’m freezing to death here! I barely dodge all the things he throws at me!’
‘How come you can call me…? Is he conscious?’
‘I already said – half conscious… I think he’s having a dream or something’
‘OK… first of all stay calm…’
‘How do you expect me to stay calm?’ Mohinder shouted.
‘What is your plan…?’
‘I don’t know… I mean… what do you do with a half-dead man, lying on your couch?’
‘First of all… He can’t stay at your apartment…’ Noah started lecturing Mohinder after the information filtered through his mind and sorted up. Now he could at least tell what happened. From what he understood Sylar fainted into Mohinder’s arms (“how romantic” he thought for a brief moment) and Mohinder put him on his couch. After that Mohinder tried to kill him but has failed since he couldn’t pull the trigger he ended up treating his wounds instead of stopping his heart for eternity. ‘Get him somewhere else…’ Noah said a lot more conscious than the panicking geneticist.
‘I think I know a place’ Mohinder seemed to calm down a bit and think normally. ‘Until I call you please stay with Molly… At least till I make things right here, OK?’ he asked holding his father’s notebook in his hand.
‘OK… ‘
‘Thanks’ Mohinder ended the call. He caught a glimpse of the phone screen. “02:47”… Probably most of the call was his useless mumbling. He looked outside the window on the street, carefully analyzing the amount of yellow cars in the traffic before the building.
A minute later he was standing on the street trying to catch a taxi. Finally a familiar yellow cab stopped before him making him step back a bit. He opened the front door of the taxi.
‘Could you please wait here for a moment, I just need to get my friend’ he said leaning on the door. The driver sighed but didn’t say anything.
Mohinder hurried to his apartment. Sylar already destroyed half of his room, but now it wasn’t anything to be concern with.
‘Please forgive me…’ he said hitting the dark-haired man with an elephant figure. Everything stopped. Now the hard part… He “carried” Sylar, or to be more precise dragged him with big trouble next to him. Once he left the building he went towards the yellow cab waiting for him on the street. He pushed Sylar in and put him in a comfortable position on the soft cushion of the taxi. He was happy he thought of dressing the man in a cap hiding half of his face and sunglasses. He also corrected his coat so that his blood-covered clothes were hidden. Of course he couldn’t find the other shoe so he left it the way he found him. After placing Sylar’s body in the cab he went inside trying to look normally. The driver looked at Mohinder with suspicion in his eyes until he saw his face clearly in the mirror.
‘Mohinder?’ he said smiling. ‘How’s it going? You ready to come back to work? I heard you got some problems at home?’
‘Well things aren’t going well… ‘ Mohinder started, cursing his luck for finding a cab with someone he knew from work. Well… The man named John (he had to find a card with his name) didn’t even appear in his memories. It seemed that although he never talked with anyone everybody still knew him.
‘Where to?’ John asked still looking at the mirror.
‘1146 Trenton Place. It’s in Queens…’ Mohinder answered peeking into his father’s notebook.
After about half a minute of silence the driver continued with his questioning.
‘What’s with your friend?’ he asked.
‘He’s just drunk…’ Mohinder answered quickly, happy that he used alcohol to disinfect Sylar’s wounds.
‘What’s his name…?’ the driver didn’t let his friend (well… Mohinder didn’t actually remember his name or anything… It probably could be called a one-sided friendship) slip away with that little answer.
‘Gab…riel…’ Mohinder answered with hesitation. Of course he made that name up. It was the first word he thought of. ‘Gabriel… Gray…’ he added more certain. The surname was in one of the newspaper articles. A woman with that name was found on the floor of her apartment… Next to her was a picture of a bomb painted from the woman’s blood. The name was quite popular so there was no problem in using it.
The driver continued to ask questions and Mohinder continued to answer them and the responses were mostly made up, like “he hurt himself with a piece of glass”, or “he wanted to celebrate his brother’s diploma”, or “I don’t have a girlfriend!”… Well the last one wasn’t really made up… This way the drive to Sylar’s apartment didn’t take to long.
Mohinder got out of the cab and dragged his unconscious “friend” with him to his home. Just before the door to apartment 1B he placed Sylar on the floor just next to the wall and broke into the room. He put Sylar on a couch and went back and forth in the room for a few times. This time he got a new question. Just what do you do with a half-dead man lying on his own couch?

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Fireworks ch01

So, I've been meaning to put in Outsiders (another franz fiction of mine) recently but when I started to read through it I was shocked to see the mistakes I've made. So instead I'm putting in the first chapter from my old heroes fanfic. It's from waaaay back. It takes place after the first series ended and that's when I wrote it. I finished it after a long break though.




Chapter 1
‘knock, knock’

Buzz buzz…

Noah Bennet stood in front of a big shelf looking blindly at the vibrating phone in his hand. Next to him a little girl in a colorful woolen sweater was picking sweets. The basket was already filled with different-flavored candy and a big range of chocolate bars, but the man didn’t mind that. He was focused on the number he knew from somewhere, but for some reason there was a blind spot in his mind, exactly in the place where the name of the caller should be. He pushed a small button with a green dot on it and placed the cell phone to his ear. Too close…
“He’s here!” a familiar voice full of fear and terror screamed right into Bennet’s ear.
“Mohinder?” Bennet looked blindly at a small packet of gummy bears listening to his friend’s only half understandable and only meaningful mumbling.

30 minutes earlier

Mohinder quickly looked through one of the many newspapers on his desk. He was of course looking for the information about one person. But the name “Sylar” never appeared in any of the articles. Also there was no trace of the man, as if he disappeared into thin air. Mohinder finished checking the last of New York’s newspapers dated for November 16 and pilled it up with the rest. Nothing. He stood up and went towards his bookcase looking around the room. A week has already past since the day when a bright nuclear star appeared on the night sky. Four people disappeared that day. Peter and Nathan Petrelli, Hiro Nakamura and that man… The Asian was probably safe. It was most probable that he teleported himself back to Japan. Peter and Nathan were considered dead. And the last one… Sylar… There were probably less than 30 people in the world who ever heard his name and much more less that actually got to know him. Mohinder still could see the stain of blood on the street. The place where Sylar should lie. Instead there was a trail that…
The Indian caught a glimpse of himself in a piece of glass sticking from the hard, solid wood. He looked tiered like he hasn’t slept for days which was actually the thing he did. Well didn’t do… Every time he closed his eyes he saw the sick smile of his father’s killer. And he also had to take care of everyone which only worsened his st. Molly already moved into his apartment and that required giving his bedroom in charity for medical equipment and toys. Because of that Mohinder had to “sleep” in the living room on a couch (another expense). Also Parkman and DL were staying at the hospital because of their severe damage. Matt was a bit better than the day he was transferred to the hospital, but he was definitely staying in New York for much longer. His wife flew from LA immediately after hearing about what happened. DL in other case had his family already in the city so all they needed to do is to find a place to stay. His condition was much better than the policeman’s. He got only one bullet instead of five and it wasn’t in a dangerous spot. Although the families of these two were with them, Mohinder still had to take care of things like staying at the hospital when they couldn’t be there.
Mohinder pulled the glass out of the wood with big effort and cut his hand by accident. Another problem… he thought looking at the blood flowing down his fingers. It looked just like… He stepped back a few steps keeping the blood away from his face. He quickly covered it with a bandage and hid in his pocket. All just not to see the liquid. All blood reminded him of was Sylar. Especially his own blood. He leaned on his desk as he lost his balance remembering when everything was upside down as he was hanging from the ceiling held only by Sylars powers. Just as he sat on a chair breathing deeply a small girl entered the room. She had a woolen sweater on her and a doggy shaped backpack in her hand.
‘Mohinder?’ Molly tried getting his attention.
‘Oh, right…’ the Indian quickly stood up. He searched his pocket (still hiding his hand) and handed the girl a cellphone. ‘Remember what I told you…’ he started but the girl quickly interrupted.
‘Don’t worry, I remember…’ she convinced him. ‘You say that everyday’
Mohinder smiled. It was true. Each day the two of them went to visit the “Officer Parkman Hero”. Most of the time he was sleeping but Molly still sat next to him and talked. Her disease got worse after that day, but she still wanted to visit the policeman in the hospital. Usually they went there together, but since Mohinder was very tiered Noah Bennet took the pleasure today (and he had a car, which was much more convenient for a sick girl). Although he and Claire returned to Texas he appeared again in the door of Mohinder’s apartment just three days later saying he still has something to do in New York. He stayed in a hotel near the Indian’s home.
‘You’re right’ Mohinder said quietly. ‘Well then… Mr. Bennet called a little while ago… He should be already here. Say hello to Officer Parkman for me, OK?’
The girl nodded. She walked towards the door a bit uncertain. She was still a bit scared of the man who just a week ago pointed a gun at her. The fear was already mostly gone, since he and Mohinder met very often, but she still shivered a little seeing him.

Knock, knock…

Mohinder twiched. Although he knew who was behind the door he still felt a bit uncertain. What if it was him? What if…?
He went towards the door and opened it. A smiling face in glasses was on the other side holding a brown, fuzzy teddy bear in his hand. Mohinder couldn’t help to give a sigh of relief.
‘Hi!’ Noah greeted the Indian and immediately walked passed him giving the little girl the toy. ‘It’s a Texas Teddy Bear’ he said. ‘I used to give Claire bears from around the world’ he explained.
‘Thank you’ as she looked up at Bennet, Molly was still stiff from that little fear she hid inside her.
‘Are we ready?’ he asked.
The girl nodded in agreement. Mohinder went to her and put his hand on her shoulder.
‘Have fun’ he said standing up. He watched as both of them left the room. His eyes wandered around the room with a bit of disappointment. He should clean it already days ago, and the only thing he did was make a new map and throw away the one which he used to hit Sylar. He shivered as that name appeared in his head. He went towards his desk and looked at the broken mug on the floor. He managed to hide most of the places with blood from Molly by putting some rugs and furniture, but he wasn’t able to touch the broken mug which Sylar used to drink from. Well, the girl didn’t mind the mess he made everywhere in the apartment, so there was no problem with that. But his obsession with finding the man who killed his father was big. Very big. Even after Molly didn’t succeed with finding him with her powers he still didn’t stop looking.


Mohinder heard a sound of the lock on the door opening. He turned around. The door was still closed. He went towards it to check if the lock really was closed. Then he heard it. The…

…knock, knock…

…he never wanted to hear ever again in his life. He opened the door (surprisingly it wasn’t locked…). The man standing before him was the last and yet the first thing he expected to see. A black cote on it lousily hiding a black shirt soaking with blood. His face was full of small cuts, one of them making a big scratch on his forehead. The blood flew down his face and stopped somewhere in the middle of the way. His left eye was covered in blood enabling him to see with it. Except the coat everything was pretty much ruined. But the weirdest thing was yet to come. The shoe… The man standing in the door was missing one, black trainer with a star and the sign “converse” on it’s side. Mohinder looked at him surprised. Although his condition was severe the Indian could see a small sparkle in his eye and a big grin uncovering his covered in blood teeth. Mohinder had no doubt. It was…