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Fireworks ch09

Right, so... I sort of forgot about putting up new stories for the past two weeks. So here's Fireworks and next Sunday be ready for the third part of Ootsiders. I'll move about The Walls... for a bit too during the holiday. To be honest I had little time on my hands and I'm still going to have to work on a RPG storyline for a program me and my friend are making. I haven't really gotten to writing anything in the past couple of days. I do however perfect the stories in my head.

Right, not to keep you waiting. Next part (this time as usual) on Friday.



Chapter 9
“A friend and a comrade…”

Silence grew bigger as the time passed. Almost everyone in the room was shocked. Including the person who was the reason of the surprise. How could he have said something like that? His heart began to race, his eyes ran across the room, stopping for brief moments at almost everything that was in it. Panic. What should he do now? Start laughing? Talking? Explaining everything?
‘Mohinder…’ a whisper disturbed him. ‘How could you…?’ Bennet’s voice was shaking. He wanted to shout, scream, say something more than just those simple words, but his voice was stuck inside his throat, unable to get out. 
‘It’s Molly…’ Mohinder explained quietly with unreasonable confidence. It was as if someone else was talking through him. He looked at Sylar in panic but he was even more surprised than him. 
‘What?’ Bennet asked slowly when he heard no explanation. 
‘They got her…’ Mohinder’s head started slowly lowering towards his knees. He was tired. 
‘Who…?’ Noah asked but when there was no answer he started shaking his half-conscious body. ‘Who got her?’ he shouted. 
‘Leave him alone!’ another voice joined the one-sided conversation. Sylar looked towards Mohinder with a little concern in his eyes. ‘Don’t you think you gave him too much drugs?’ he added seeing that the Indian was only half-connected to the real world. 
‘What… have you done something to her then?’ Bennet asked annoyed.
‘No…’ Sylar answered calmly. ‘I’ll explain everything to you if you just stay quiet and calm and stop interfering. Both you and your invisible friend behind you…’ he added with a little smirk after hearing Claude’s heartbeat calm down a little bit. He just couldn’t stand that. 
Claude’s heartbeat started racing again as he showed himself. There was no sense hiding himself as everybody knew he was there. 
‘Good…’ Sylar smiled and leaned on the back of his chair. ‘Remember November the 8th? It seemed as if I died back then. But I didn’t. I don’t remember exactly what happened between the 8th and 16th November. Just small straps of information. Well… it’s not enough to make a story out of it. I don’t even know how the person who did this to me looked like, but I will remember…’ a wicked grin appeared on Sylar’s face. ‘I just need something that would help me… A name, anything like that…’
‘And what does that has to do with anything?’ Bennet interfered. 
‘Look… I was beat up so badly I could’ve died there. And I don’t even remember his face… I can’t seem to remember anything what happened except the basic facts… Somebody has been messing with my memories and I know that.’
‘What makes you so sure?’ Bennet asked quickly. Sylar still hasn’t earned his trust and most likely there was no way it could ever happen.
‘I have powers… You haven’t seen most of them…’ Sylar explained deeply annoyed. ‘Anyways… After that I found myself in my old apartment in Queens remembering only what happened when I mysteriously appeared in Mohinder’s place. And I want revenge. That’s why I asked him to help me find the man who did this to me… And as we returned to his home we found the notebook…’
Bennet twitched as a little black book appeared before him levitating in the air. 
‘And you’re sure it’s that person?’ Bennet asked looking at the front page.
‘I’m more than sure. I know it… When I saw the sign I heard his voice. I remembered him saying it: “let the game begin”…’
‘If that’s the case you should’ve called me…’
‘Oh, we did. But I guess that somebody accidentally hang up on us. Just when we tried to tell you about her. As for your help…’
‘There is no way I’m going to help you. You’re our enemy. I can’t believe Mohinder ever agreed to this,’ Bennet denied immediately.
‘He did what he needed to do to protect her…’ Sylar remained serious.
‘He’s been lured into your trap. He’s helping you! He’s helping the enemy!
‘He’s not an enemy!’ another voice entered the conversation. Mohinder’s voice. ‘Sylar’s a friend and a comrade. At least for now. And until we find Molly your quarrels don’t matter much.’
‘Mohinder’s right,’ Sylar agreed quickly, trying to hide his shock. A friend… He was someone’s friend… A big smile appeared inside his soul. It meant more than all the powers he ever got… But of course… He was Sylar… There was no way he would agree with something like that. But Gabriel… still hidden deep inside laughed. And so did he… ‘I promise you I won’t do anything to your daughter…’ Sylar said peacefully towards Bennet. 
Noah looked surprised at the man who almost killed Claire. It was the last thing he would expect to hear from him. But there was a change in his voice. It was small, almost unrecognizable, but it was there. Something changed him. But no… There was no way he could ever trust him. Not after what he did to Claire. 
‘I’m in…’ he said giving up. He had no choice. He knew Sylar was just waiting for a chance to get Claire’s healing ability, but there was no other way to get him than this. ‘But there’s just one thing…’ he started but Sylar was already concentrated on something else.
‘What about you?’ he asked looking at Claude. The Invisible Man was staying on the side for the whole time trying not to attract attention. He didn’t want to be any part of the plan. He looked with a bit of fear at Sylar. His heart was beating fast but he didn’t let his emotions control him.
‘You kiddin’, mate?’ he said with fake self assurance. ‘I’m in as long as it doesn’t have to do anything with my old work…’ he added. He already abandoned those memories and had no intention in making the old wounds bleed again. Besides, the best partner he had ever had was already with him. And it was his loss and betrayal that were the biggest of wounds. 
Sylar smiled. Now everybody was in place. And his whole plan was about to start. Convincing them to help him was just too easy… Of course he intended to keep his promise with Bennet. After the plan succeeded there was no need for killing his daughter. 
‘So… I will lead the operation. Mohinder will help me find him and then we’ll use what you two know to get to him… Understood?’
Bennet and Claude nodded. Once again they had no other choice. 
‘Dismissed…’ Sylar said with a huge grin on his face. ‘I always wanted to say that…’ he added childishly. 
Bennet left quietly with Claude on his back saying only “see you around” in his english accent. Sylar sighed with relief. He was tired. The drug made him partially loose the ability to control his powers so he had to use all his strength to control them. He nearly fainted the last time he had used telekinesis. And that could make him loose control, and as the ripples would spread probably everyone in the room would end up dead. It was almost a miracle that Mohinder survived when he was half-conscious. But again… Who would have help him if that were to happen?
‘So, Mohinder…’ he started looking at his friend’s body. It was a poor sight. He had almost no strength. The doze wasn’t big… Sylar was sure of that, but on the other hand it looked like Mohinder didn’t apply to the world’s top hundred immune people. ‘Looks like both of us would need a short nap, don’t you think?’ Sylar said untying Mohinder and laying his body on the couch. 

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The Walls Are Bleeding; p.00

So, this story is one I started a year ago. I hope I will continue it now that I'm going to publish it. I've got two chapters written already. This is the prologue. Enjoy!




“The wooden wall became red. And the blood formed a sign. A 'D', then a 'E', an 'A', a 'T', every letter crooked and deformed but still readable. He did not get to see the whole sign but he did not have to to know what would be written. As the last letter was forming his sight became dark. He felt cold fingers squeezing his skull, sucking the last bits of life out of him. But he did not die, no. That would not be enough to satisfy the Wall. The Wall was hurt, bleeding, a sacrifice was needed to satisfy its lust. A sacrifice, not simple death. You see, Young Mistress, no matter what you do, do not hurt the Wall” the young man whispered the words into the girl's ear.
“So what happened to him?” she asked eager to hear the rest of the story. Her cheeks were burnt up from the excitement.
“What happened, you ask? I am afraid I cannot answer that question... You see, Young Lady, after that nobody saw that man, nor did they receive any news of sorts about what happened to him. I can only imagine that the Shadebites took him”
“The Shadebites? Who're they?” the dancing flames of the fire reflected in the girls eyes.
“That's irrelevant, Iris. You shouldn't believe his stories anyway... Just go to bed already...” Travis interrupted their storytelling.
“Ah, Master Said, I apologize, I got so captivated I became ignorant of the hour. Please forgive me” the man explained eagerly. “Now, Young Lady, your father is correct, you should head to bed, it's not right for a young lady to be up so late.”
“OK, Vince...” the girl agreed less then willingly.
“Not Vince, my name is Count Vincent Noel Nicholas Ville Julian Crane, from the Raven House, please remember that from now on” the man explained. For some weird reason he felt guilty of his words.
“OK, Count Vincent--” the girl started to recite obediently.
“Please” the Count interrupted. “I was just joking, it is alright for you to call me Vince” he said kindly with his always distant voice, brushing the girl's hair. The smile immediately returned Iris' face.
“Yes, Vince!” the girl hugged the young man and then her dad. “'Night Travis!” she said squeezing his waist.
“'Night Iris” the father leaned and kissed the girl's short golden-red hair.
They both watched as Iris disappeared inside the jeep.
“We need to talk...” Travis said coldly.
“I know...” Vincent agreed sadly. He knew from the very beginning that traveling with them wasn't going to last forever. But he had the blood of the Raven House running through his veins. Giving up was the last thing he would do.
“I understand you have your reasons for traveling alone at such a young age but I can't have you demoralize my daughter like that. I'm kindly asking you to drop this, Vince, but--”
“I do not remember giving Master Said the permission to call me that” Vincent broke in. His eyes burning with anger.
“I can't have you be this way, Vince! I don't want to call you Count Whatever every time I speak to you! Just stop this stupid joke! We're in the twenty first century! Stop pretending to be some nobleman from another world! And that way of speaking! Please just cut it out”
“I beg your pardon, Master Said, but it does not look like my behavior is the only suspicious one. I cannot omit the fact that you yourself are traveling with a 12 year old girl with two other suspicious men when the girl should be living in a proper home with a loving mother and learning the ways of the world...”
“There are good reasons for this! And I take proper care of her education! Unlike you! How can you tell such wicked stories to a small girl!”
“But Master Said! That is standard knowledge! She should know the dangers of the world! Children are most common to be punished by the Shadebites ! And it is the parents fault for not making them aware of what happens if they do the wrong thing!”
“Cut it out! Shadebites don't exist! Bleeding Walls don't exist! I don't mind letting you travel with us but please stop making her believe those stories!
“I strongly advise you on taking those words back” Vincent said, his eyes filled with fear. “You have no knowledge about how close and how weak the boarders can be. And if you still insist on regarding this as falsehood I must have you convinced as to how genuine what I am telling you is. I have to do what I am proficient of doing to safeguard the people I am beholden to.”
“You're planning on proving that these creatures you're talking about exist?” Travis almost laughed at the absurd of that story.
“No, I believe that will not be necessary” Vincent said calmly. "I rather you would consider my words truthful for they are no further from honesty than the fact that it is night at this precise moment. Because those creatures I speak of, they do exist. And I believe that someday your very words and unbelief, may hit you with a recoil."

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Fireworks ch08

part 08. Enjoy.



Chapter 8
"You were helping the enemy..."


Mohinder looked with a bit of panic at Sylar’s unconscious body. It took some time for him to recover from the shock. Just enough time for the man who hit Sylar to appear out of thin air and for Bennet to start searching for something in the kitchen. 
Although Mohinder knew exactly what just happened the reasons were unknown to him. Why did Sylar stop? It was for just a brief moment but enough for the metal pole to hit him. Sylar was going to hit the man behind him into a wall. He was going to make him suffer. He was going to kill him… But for some reason he stopped. For a brief moment the killer’s spark in his eyes disappear giving space for shock and panic. It seemed that he neither did know what happened. 
‘Mohinder!’ a familiar voice brought him back to the real world. The Indian turned around to see Bennet holding two cups of tea and giving one to him. ‘You used something the last time to stop his powers… Where is it?!’ he asked calmly.
‘What!?’ Mohinder replayed with bitterness in his voice. ‘Do you have any idea what I am going through… I-I…’ the Indian tried to continue but the pressure Noah created just by looking at him restrained him from doing that. ‘It’s in the chest. In that room…’ he added with resign. ‘But I really think it’s not such a good idea to –‘
‘Thanks’ Bennet forcefully pushed the cup in Mohinder’s hand and already left to find the drug. 
Mohinder looked around taking a sip of the drink. He felt a bit more relaxed after it so he quickly took another one. He went towards the couch seeing Sylar on the floor as he walked passed him. The Invisible man who was hit him has again disappeared, probably waiting for Bennet’s instructions, or just trying to hide still in shock after seeing the killer’s eyes. Mohinder experienced that look just once. It was enough for him for the rest of his life. 
A small notebook attracted his attention. He picked it up and started browsing it. The first pages were blank, with only several, little, unimportant notes. Later the notebook was filled with a few sketches, like the ones people make while they are waiting for something. Simple drawings, mostly made by a pen, or anything that was in their reach. But these ones were different. They had something in it that was missing in other sketches. They were true
All of them put together seemed to make a kind of story. The first one represented a man lying on a floor and another one falling on him. Both of them had dark hair, and their eyes closed. The first one wore a black, buttoned shirt with long sleeves and tight trousers with the same color. Mohinder recognized Sylar, even though he couldn’t see his face. The second person in the picture had a light shirt on him and it became obvious that he was looking at himself. The next drawings represented them being imprisoned and tied to chairs, both unconscious. The last one was unfinished. It had only Mohinder on it and two bullets right before his forehead. 
The Indian’s heart started racing as he raised his head and looked around him. There was one thing he could be certain of. He couldn’t show these to Bennet.
Quiet and calm footsteps started approaching him.
 He quickly ripped the last, unfinished page and pushed it in his pocket. The notebook ended up being thrown on the couch with panic as Mohinder turned around in the last moment, just to find Bennet standing before him. 
‘Listen I need to talk to you…’ he started. The man must’ve taken everything wrong. 
‘Now’s not the time…’ Bennet cut him off. 
Mohinder felt a bit dizzy. He grabbed the arm of the couch to get his balance back but it didn’t help. He dropped the cup and started falling. It all felt slow for him. 
‘I’m sorry to do this to you… but… we have no choice… You were helping the enemy…’ he heard as he was falling to the ground.
At first he panicked. But for a brief moment, just before he lost his consciousness, he understood. All he needed to do, all that happened, everything.
His eyes closed. Everything became blur, and then black. All the sounds became one and also disappeared. And then… There was nothing. 

‘Noah…’ the man heard a voice with an Irish accent. ‘Did we really have to do this?’ 
‘Why are you asking me that?’ Bennet answered barely concentrating on what Claude said since his all attention was focused on a small notebook. 
‘This guy… He’s dangerous…’ the man said. 
‘I know… that’s why we need to stop him…’ Bennet answered calmly, hiding his own fear deep inside him. It was his self-defense against it. 
‘Noah, I’m serious!’ Claude panicked. It wasn’t how he normally acted. Usually he would just stay calm, help Bennet with the bodies and stay quiet. Sometimes he laughed and tell the best parts of the mission in the car, made fun of the mistakes people did while trying to defend themselves. ‘He was going to kill me! I saw it! And he knew I was there!’
‘I know… But that’s exactly why we need to defeat him now!’ Bennet said, trying his best just to make Claude stay.
‘Then do it yourself…’ the man answered disappearing. Soon the door to the room opened.
‘Please!’ Bennet said. ‘I can’t do it without you…’ he added after a while. 
The door closed, but instead after a few seconds the cups and other things in the kitchen move, disappear and appear all the time. 
‘Guess I’ll need to get used to you again…’ Bennet said smiling. 
He started preparing everything to tie Mohinder and Sylar so that they couldn't run. He knew it was impossible for the Indian to be the bad guy, but in this case he couldn’t take that chance. There was too much at stake. More lives would be probably swallowed by Sylar. People would think: “why those people? What’s connecting them?” and the secret about people with abilities would probably get out into day light. But that was the smallest problem. It was simply obvious that as soon as Sylar was free he’d go after Claire. And Bennet wasn’t going to let that happen. 
Once the duck tape was tightly wrapped over Mohinder’s and Sylar’s ankles and wrists and attached to the arms of the chairs and also the drip was pinned into the killer’s vein along with the drug in it, Bennet and Claude waited. Short dialogs between them were quickly ended with long and uncomfortable silence. The thing they both wanted to say was stuck in their throat, unable to calm out. They were partners again. After what had happened it was almost like a miracle. 
‘You think it’s going to work?’ asked Claude finally pushing the conversation forward. Both of them knew what he was talking about.
‘Mohinder said he couldn’t use his powers. At least at the beginning’ Bennet replied sitting behind the desk and looking through computer files in Mohinder’s laptop. For Claude it was awkward. It was usually him, who gave orders and answered questions. Now, it seemed that the man who was earlier scared about so many was in full control, as if he never did anything different than his job. As if his whole life was a training. And he, Claude, was not capable of doing almost anything except watching the prisoners. He smiled  grimly at the thought. 

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Outsiders II

This is the second part of Outsiders. I know I'm two days late with it but I finished correcting it only now. Unfortunately my corrector/proof reader is starting to fail me miserably so I will need to find somebody else soon or it will all take more time. The third part is going to come up in a month as I promised (plus I realized next month the 9th is a Friday so it would be 2 stories in one day and I am trying to avoid that for now at least)

By Sunday I will try to post one of my original stories. One which I started writing last year - one of the first one which I took really, really seriously. This will be a good occasion to finally finish it :-)

For now please enjoy Outsiders II and tomorrow another part of Fireworks is coming up!




Looking in the mirror is hard. Especially when the one staring back at me is myself. I wonder if yesterday was real. It felt like a dream. The only proof of what happened were those purple and green bruises covering my body. But wherever I looked my wings were nowhere to be found. Not even one feather. Why? It is all I ever wanted. Some potential. Alex's wings are beautiful. I don't expect to have wings even half as gorgeous as his but to have even a couple of feathers would be enough.
I also have this weird feeling like I'm forgetting something important. Something happened after I saw my wings. I don't know what. And all that mafia talk. When a person is overexcited about something life just starts flowing faster and what happens in my case is that I can't really catch up to what's happening. It's sad and I hate it.
“Hey, Nick!” I heard Alex's voice from behind the door. “Get out already!” he said banging his fist against the wooden door of the bathroom.
I took the towel and drying my hair with one hand I opened the door. He was holding my shirt and gave it to me while we exchanged short glances when I was leaving the bathroom. He had his usual unapproachable aura but his eyes flickered. He looked nervous... and excited? He couldn't be... happy? There was no way I could figure him out. He was just too weird. I looked back and saw his back stiffen as he closed the door behind him.
We haven't really spoken about yesterday. In fact, I haven't seen him even once after he had pulled his trousers out of my grip and left the men's room. But life continued as if nothing had happened. For everyone except myself. It was quite cruel. I got my hopes up yesterday and now the blow is even more painful.
I pulled myself together and fixed my uniform. With new clothes at least I didn't look like some foster child. Even with my hair looking messy all the bruises were disguised with the striped black material. Good.
I stuffed all my books and pens inside my bag not even looking at what I'm taking. Somehow this sort of thing repeats itself more and more often even when I have some more time on my hands. I put on my trainers and took a glance at Alex's shoes collection. He had some expensive leather shoes, some used up sneakers and three pairs of trainers. I glanced at his three suitcases standing still untouched in the middle of the room. There was more where those shoes came from, oh yes.
I hesitated before leaving the room. I'm not really used to having a roommate. Should I be leaving him alone? I went a few times back and forth between the door and the couch until Alex peeked out of the bathroom.
“Hey, can you go ahead and get me the... umm... set C?” he asked as if he was reading my mind. “You know, the one where they always put freaky stuff... The one I used to get... There are always huge cues so I'll meet you there. And take my ID card.”
I looked at him. What the hell? He didn't sound in the least like a transfer student. More like he was attending this school for at least five years. And what the hell was set C? I didn't recall anything like that ever being at the school cafeteria.
Alex looked kind of disappointed.
“Never mind, just get me set C” he said and looked at me intensely as if trying to convey his thoughts upon me. I guess it only works one way. He can read my mind and I have no idea what he's thinking whatsoever.
Alex had a few bruises himself but there was something about him that made him look somewhat strong even after being almost beat up to a pulp.
I took my bag and left the room in hurry. There are always queues in the cafeteria. Especially since a small percent of the kids here have any idea how to cook and thus the kitchen in each segment is considered more as a hang-out rather than the room you make food in.
Our dorms are divided first into buildings and then small segments with three to five rooms each. Each room has a separate bathroom and there is a kitchen in every segment. The lucky ones sometimes have only two rooms in a segment.
The FF is actually more of a academic city rather than just a school. It's mainly for the kids who learn here and there are little families living in the city. Only those running the business. It's a really isolated place to be honest. The person running the school must be in such a great position. To be able to manipulate all the rich and powerful families in the country who are not able to see the reality behind the posh disguise. But it's their problem, I guess. I only came here because I wanted to find somebody. Nothing more.
It's a wonder how fifteen minutes can make such a difference. Usually, I arrive at the cafeteria around eight, eight fifteen when there was a huge crowd. And I have to stand in the queue like a loser. I get my meal at a quarter to nine when the lessons start at nine.
Now, the queue was a lot shorter. I glanced up at the menu, now hanging right next to me. There actually was a set C! I took one of those and a set B as well since I am a huge believer in a french breakfast consisting of cereals, milk, croissant and jam.
“You sure you're gonna eat all this, son?” the lady behind the counter asked giving me two plates.
I smiled back at her and mentioned the other meal was Alex's. I feel a lot of sympathy for the ladies working at the cafeteria. They always call you son and almost everyone hates it - especially the rich boys are deeply annoyed with it and they are very mean towards them.
I payed for the meal and looked for an empty table or somebody I knew. The second option was a lot harder to accomplish. I did however notice Bob's blond locks and following that lead I found him as well as Paul and a couple of other people sitting by a table near the coke dispensers.
“Wow, you're early!” Bob said seeing me approach. “Seems that having a roommate is having a good effect on you,” he added.
I grimaced. “Does everyone know?” I asked. Alex was after all the talk of the school and now that he was my roommate that made me the stuff of gossip as well.
“Seems so,” Paul said finishing his crispy croissant. He glared at my plate and looked up at me. I passed the plate with my own croissant and bun to him leaving only the bowl of cereals for myself. Everyday routing.
It seemed that even we didn't break the rules of gossip. Everyone was talking about Alex and so were we. Everyone was surprised to hear that I don't really know him that much and that I didn't arrange for him to be my roommate. I don't know why they would assume something like that. It was a shock even for me, maybe bigger because I could see just how amazing a person he really was. Though, apparently Bob and Paul seemed to know him more than I did.
“Speak of the devil,” Bob said suddenly and I turned around to see Alex enter the cafeteria by the entrance near our table. I was shocked to see him wear sunglasses. It made him look literary like a lady killer and I could bet my months worth of dinners that he was one as well. I glanced behind him at his wings. They looked like they had all the possible clinical work done on them. I never really thought about what happens when wings are hurt...
I felt really proud when I saw Alex's wings. No, not of Alex himself, I'm not that kind of a person. Somehow, seeing wings suddenly became a good thing. I could see things that other people couldn't. It also felt a bit like seeing the future too. I suddenly had the urge to tell somebody about it. To show Alex's wings as if they were a piece of art. Show them to Bob and Paul, tell them everything.
But I couldn't. I can't do something like that. My ability is both a blessing and a curse. And now, I didn't even know if the only person that was a bit like me, that could see them as well even had that ability. I have no idea if yesterday even happened. If it wasn't just a delusion of a person who was beaten in the head a couple times too many.
“You didn't take my card,” Alex said when he approached our table. The cards are a payment method at the campus to avoid having us buy too many things. What we pay for is controlled by our parents and the people running this place.
“I can at least pay for your first breakfast,” I reasoned with a hint of anger in my voice.
“Thanks, but this would be my second one,” Alex smiled and sat down.
Our conversation over breakfast took on different turns avoiding the subject of yesterday or Alex's past but for almost all the time he was the main subject. He is, I noticed, quite egocentric. However all the time I could see that flicker across the eyes, his attention focused on everything any of us said.
Michael and Andy, the two other guys we sometimes hang out with, joined us half way through and we peacefully finished our breakfast with them. Or so we thought when we stood up and headed towards the exit together.
We passed his table and the only thing that Bob had done wrong was glanced at Resa, the girlfriend. I know he has had a crush on her since a very long time but this time around that one look brought upon us a disaster. I'm not mad at him though. Why would I be? He likes the girl and that's all there is to it. Infatuation is infatuation no matter how big a bitch the girl is.
“What're you looking at, mates?” Christopher asked standing up. He used his fake cockney accent which he uses whenever he's annoyed or tries to scare somebody.
He noticed Michael in our group and I could already tell this was going to be a lot more complicated.
“Yo, fagot!” he shouted. “She's a girl you know!” his joke was a tragic one. Not only did he mistake who actually took a look at Resa it had no merit value. I'm amazed that something like that can escape the lips of an almost grown man.
I felt guilt cramp my stomach. After all I couldn't do anything.
Michael, although called a gayboy almost every day is not a homosexual. He's just eccentric in his own way. He brought it upon himself though. Accidentally attending homosexual parties, hanging out with gay friends and having a really gayish attitude and taste in clothes and accessories... It was inevitable.
“Back off!” Alex said coming forward.
I saw his eyes glitter with rage and his eyebrows furrow. Hands turned to fists. I felt the hair on my arms lift. Excitement, fear, anger and... anxiousness. But it wasn't Alex's fists that worried me. It was Christopher. His wings to be more exact. They were bigger. Almost the same size as Alex's if not the same. Last I remembered they were smaller. I could only conclude one thing. They grew. Over night? Before, I would think that it was Alex's win. But now I couldn't be sure. Anything could happen.
My fists moved faster than I expected. For that one moment I felt free. The moment my knuckles drilled into his cheek the force and surprise making him lose balance and fall down.
Afterwards, the feeling disappeared. Panic replaced it. I couldn't believe what I did. I couldn't have done it. But there was no helping it now. I wouldn't back down at that time. I'm not that sort of person. There would be consequences, I knew, but there was no saying sorry at that point. Everyone was looking at me.
I said nothing. I tried to think of some punch line but my mind only made up stupid things. There was honestly no point in pushing it any further.
The Captain's minions were clueless a to what should they do. Christopher however remained cold blooded for which I do have to say a word of praise. He may be a rich spoilt brat but he has some charisma. He stood up, still a bit off balance, corrected his uniform and glared at me with pure rage. His brown eyes seemed to drill into my head. For a split second I thought I saw a bit of fear and jealousy there as well.
Know your place Nick!” he said, his voice as stoic as ever. I have to give it to him: he has quite a lot of self control. “We had an agreement,” he added and I knew that this was a declaration of war. Everyone of us knew it. Alex did, Bob did, Paul did... It was only the rest of the room that had no idea what we were talking about.
I didn't answer. My slight nod was absolutely enough. And I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep the deal much longer anyway. Especially with Alex suddenly appearing at the FF. I kind of feel pity because of that, though. I may speak badly of Christopher but a part of me admires him in its own little way. He's neither an imposer nor did he lack any potential for being a leader. I still don't know what Alex's potential is. In my opinion, although I'm not really that oriented in this matter, each feather represents a certain talent and the more feathers of one kind one has the bigger the talent. This is only a speculation, though.
I glanced once more at Christopher's wings. I had no doubt about it. They were the same size as Alex's now. I headed straight, passing him. Alex, Bob and Paul were right at my side and Michael and Andy just behind us. I didn't turn around but I was sure that Michael was still in shock but smiling slightly.
Once by the classroom we started laughing and joking about what happened. Although all of us were clearly feeling strange about it we tried to hide it and calm down. In three minutes the bell was going to ring. Michael, Andy and Bob were attending a different class so only Alex, Paul and me remained.
Jackie joined us asking what happened. Jackie, full name Jacqueline Jackson is one of a few nice girls in out year. I met her through Bob and Paul because she hangs out with those two a lot. She has curly brown hair and green eyes to match. She's half French from her mother's side so she can speak very fluent French. She has a huge talent for languages. Besides English and French she also knows German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic which at the age of seventeen is very impressive. Hell, it would be impressive even if she were fifty years old.
“Nick just stood up to Christopher,” Paul explained eagerly.
“Wow! Finally! What happened?” Jackie asked not hiding her amazement.
I didn't really answer that question. People say that girls are the biggest gossipers and although it's usually the other way around if I could delay everybody knowing for even one minute I would do it.
“He hit him in the face,” Alex backstabbed me.
In any other situation I would say all the best things about him but now I just wanted to take his wings and pluck all the wings out as a payment. How could he?
Jacqueline's reaction was just as I knew it would be. After a short laugh of disbelief she noticed our serious expressions and tapped me on the shoulder with a friendly: “About time, Nick!”
I smiled awkwardly. I knew everyone wasn't too happy with my agreement with Christopher.
Fortunately, the bell rang saving me. I said goodbye to Jackie who was already rushing to her class . I tried my best to hide the relief on my face. Classes were as boring as only biology can be. What's so interesting about plant reproduction system? Sadly, it's one of the subjects I have to attend. It was my parents doing. I would rather do chemistry or physics but my father being a doctor wanted me to continue in his footsteps. They know perfectly well that it's the last thing I would ever do.
For Alex it was a lot easier. He ditched it! I couldn't even believe what he did. He went into the classroom and used the short when there was still chaos and the teachers still hadn't remembered everyone who was in the class. He approached my table and slipped out the window! It was the second floor but he somehow managed to climb down and I was the only one who realized what happened.
I have to give it to him that it was quite thoughtful of him. If he stayed on the corridor he would eventually be noticed.
I had to cover for him during the lesson. I had to send a deadly glare towards Paul who almost slipped tat he was just outside with us.
I also received a message from Christopher about him wanting to get revenge. He didn't exactly put it that way but “5 o'clock, The Mocking Spring” is quite obvious. I noticed the handwriting wasn't his.
The Mocking Spring is located in the one area we are never supposed to go to. It's in the forest by the campus. The rules are pretty specific about that one point. It's only my speculation but I think that there used to be a military base there and now there may still be some dangerous things there. Or at least it would be a very good place for a military base. It's a thick forest yet there are very little bushes. Some kids a while back found a blind spot in the CCTV's range. Little people know where it is because the information is guarded heavily by a few chosen ones and it costs a lot.
I told Alex, Paul and Bob to b ready half past four in front of my room. I already decided to leave Michael out of it and Andy as well since they were roommates and it could arouse suspicion. Michael would probably feel bad about it. He could neither fight nor run.
Paul and Bob were ready five minutes earlier, both wearing more casual and sporty clothes but, fortunately, without flashy accessories which Paul likes to add when he doesn't have to be dressed in his uniform. He does so sometimes even when he does have to wear his uniform so I guess there's no apparent rule as to when he does it.
I went out to greet them, perfectly aware of where Alex was: in the bathroom. I had no idea what he was doing but twenty minutes was a bit too much. We waited a few more moments and when there was still no sign of him I started getting really worried.
I went back inside and called Alex through the door. He didn't answer. I expected a short “I'll be right there” at least, even if it were to be lie. But there was absolutely nothing. I panicked. I pushed the handle down and tried to get in. Surprisingly, the door wasn't locked. Alex looked at my reflection in the mirror shocked. I shivered slightly when I saw his eyes empty but at the same time full of grief.
“Shit,” I said totally missing the moment. “Sorry, I'm gonna go...”
And I really, really didn't want to. I couldn't go as well. He stared at me, our eyes trapped in each other's reflections. I was surprised to find that he wasn't as athletic as I first portrayed him to be. His wings spread out from his back and there were feathers shattered on the floor next to his bare feet. All of them were covered in blood.
He turned around and rested his head on my shoulder. “They keep growing back,” I thought I heard him whisper into my ear. I may have imagined it though.
I glanced at the mirror where now only my face was visible. I pushed Alex away. I don't know why I did it. Did I think that Alex was stronger? Or was I just mad? I have absolutely no idea. It was a spur of the moment. What I do know, however, is that I was absolutely terrified afterwards. In that moment none of us were actually “us”.
I went out without facing Alex. I didn't even so much as look at him. I was thankful that Bob and Paul were not in the room and I didn't have to explain anything to them. They were outside thinking that Alex would be out in a matter of seconds. I joined Paul and Bob and a moment later Alex was with us as well. I was amazed how quick he managed to regain his cool. His cold eyes scrutinized me at first but then a smile came back to his face. I felt a lump of guilt stuck in my throat.
When Bob and Paul were leading the way I once more gathered the courage to look at Alex. He met my gaze and furrowed his eyebrows. Not in anger, however. In fact, I can swear that he was trying to thank me in his own twisted way just not knowing how to show that without words.
We reached the brick wall behind which the forest lay after about twenty minutes of walking. Half of the way we talked about normal things but when we came to the “illegal” part of the campus we kept as quiet as it was possible. It didn't work out as planned, though. We kept chuckling although there was nothing funny about our situation. Maybe except Christopher having his cheek bloody red for the whole day. His lips were bleeding a bit as well.
We reached the blind spot. Paul made sure that CCTV wouldn't capture us on film before we went out of our hiding place. He approached the wall and pulled a brick out. The three of us observed as he searched the insides of the niche and pulled out a small notebook. It was full of drawings. Paul and Bob's drawings, I thought seeing their characteristic style. When smaller they used to sneak into the forest and draw the landscapes and maps. That was our advantage over Christopher. We had the two people who knew the most about this place. Paul put the brick back in place.
We climbed the wall one after another, Bob the last making sure that nobody was watching. He was a bit lousy at it but thankfully there was nobody besides us around. We waited by the wall until Bob climbed over and I went forward. Paul grabbed my collar and immediately pulled me back.
“That way,” he pointed more to the left steering me that way. “We'll just make a short stop...”
The short stop was another hiding spot. Paul and Bob buried a small metal box in the ground under a huge willow tree. There were lots of drawings and maps inside most of which the two didn't show to me and Alex. I don't know why but Paul kept them at the bottom of the box. He did however take out a small pocket knife and gave it to Alex.
“We're not preparing for battle here!” Bob objected.
“What else do you think this is?” Paul asked with a little smirk.
“Don't push it that way Paul,” I said. “It's just sorting out a few disputes. A fight would result in nothing and Christopher knows it.”
I wasn't lying when I said that. Christopher is intelligent like many people in this school (although most of them have little realization to when they are manipulated). Resolving these things with fights is not something he would see as a necessity. Especially knowing that this wasn't a way to win with us.
Paul glanced at a photo that was on the top of the pile of notebooks and papers but before I could take a second look he quickly covered it with a few kid trinkets that he had taken out to before find the knife and another map.
We reached the Spring in a few minutes. Christopher was already there. There were five other students with him. Not the ones who usually were responsible for threatening and fighting.
We were late by about five minutes. Christopher opened his lips most likely wanting to make some comment but thought better of it. Instead he did something else, something that surprised all of us. He hit me exactly the way I hit him in the morning. I didn't fall as a part of me was probably expecting something of this sort to happen and I was subconsciously prepared. I did however feel a lot of pain and the metallic taste of blood on my lips.
“So what do you want?” I asked. For some reason I wanted this meeting to be over as soon as possible. What was so important that he had to come by this lake? Moreover, I had this weird feeling in my chest when I came here and saw the still water. I still couldn't figure out what it exactly was but it freaked me out.
Christopher proceeded onto the small bridge that reached into the lake. We followed him and so did his five friends. It was a very awkward walk. Nobody said a word and I constantly fell the gaze of the five students walking behind us on the back of my neck.
Christopher turned around at the end of the pier.
“Remind me what was our agreement again, Nick?” he said.
I bit my lips. Everybody knew we had an agreement but nobody knew what it exactly was. And I really didn't want anybody to know. It was pretty embarrassing what I would do just to stay out of trouble with him.
“You leave me alone...” I started hoping it would be sufficient. I felt the expectant gazes of everybody on myself.
“That's only my part of the agreement,” Christopher said.
“And I do anything you ask me to do once a week...” I added feeling my head fall onto my chest.
“I haven't asked you for anything for a very long time...” he continued.
I realized that was true. I don't remember being involved in anything concerning Christopher in a few weeks. At first I had been nervous but then life continued and everything was fine.
“It was a very good few weeks,” I remarked smiling crookedly. I wasn't in a mood for jokes, really.
“Have you told your little friends what was the last thing you did?” Christopher asked.
I was pale at that moment. It was the worst thing I had done. I felt like betraying everybody I felt sympathy for in the whole school. It was just a little party, something we did once a month without anyone knowing, just to have some fun and exchange a few stories. Somehow Christopher found out that something had been going on and asked me what it was. He knew I was lying when I said that nothing was out of the ordinary. So I ended up telling him. And they ruined it completely. Barged in and started bullying everybody.
“Why should I care what he did?” Alex said suddenly. “I already have a sufficient enough reason to hate him but I don't. All of us have.”
I looked at him. What was he talking about? And was he trying to save me or make matters worse? I have absolutely no idea.
Christopher furrowed his eyebrows but said nothing in reply. He just continued what he started saying earlier. “I am giving you one last chance, otherwise, this is war...”
I raised my eyebrows. Rage and confusion filled me. On the one hand I really wanted to rid myself off of Christopher's influence and on the other I didn't want to bother a war with him.
“Don't save him...” Christopher whispered to my surprise. Three of the guys immobilized Alex and Paul and the two others threw Bob into the cold water of the lake.
In those few moments time started passing quicker when it should slow down. My adrenaline levels were through the roof. Was he joking? Did he really think I wouldn't do anything? The issue wasn't Bob's inability to swim, because he obviously could, but the shock and temperature change would delay his reaction. Either way he most likely would take care of himself but it was my job as a friend to help him. Did Christopher really think that I would destroy my relationship with my friends just for the sake of being left alone?
“You suck, Chris,” I said and jumped into the water.
I could hear Alex and Paul fighting to get free and Christopher walking around making a speech about what I had done to ruin the party. But mostly what I heard was Bob bashing his hands against the water trying to keep his head above the surface. I dived into the water. I was afraid and angry and proud of myself. Suddenly it was cold and very, very quiet. Peaceful as opposed to what was going on in my heart and mind.
And with everything that was happening, everything I felt, A thought came crossing through my mind and somehow it was an undeniable truth to me. I've been here before. Not just by the lake. I've been in this situation. Saving a boy with curly blond hair from drowning. Saving Bob. Saving my friend.
I swam upwards to where I remembered Bob was. I opened my eyes as soon as my head was above the surface. Bob was now doing better, his hectic waving replaced by slow movements of his hands. I swam towards him and met with huge relief displayed on his face. Bob really wasn't the best of swimmers. He grabbed my collar and attached himself to my back like a giant spider. I could barely breathe with his hands so strongly tied around my neck. Not without effort I swam to the pier and let Bob climb up first with me following right behind Christopher was already gone, heading towards the shore and his lackeys with him. Alex and Paul were sitting on the pier still trying to catch their breaths. I could see it on their faces that they all managed to hear Christopher's story out.
I looked at the three of them together on the pier, Bob lying on his belly, Paul leaning on his hands, stretched back and Alex hunched over. And then I noticed it. Bob too had wings. They were tiny, but they were there flapping back and forth trying to dry themselves. I smiled.
There was no smile back. Paul and Alex glanced at me with a bit of disappointment and just a tiny bit of resentment. Bob's look was sad and he obviously felt pity for me.
“You actually went on a compromise with that guy?” Paul asked.
“Well... yeah... but it was in the very beginning, before I even got to know you properly,” I tried to find an excuse. But there wasn't any that would explain my cruel behavior. And I felt that my explanation only made matters worse. “And I really didn't want anything interrupting my... my...” I felt tears in my eyes. I kept them back. I knew that in just a few moments I would have three people against myself.
“Your what?” Alex asked. “What would be so important as to complicate the life of your friends so much?”
“I...” I couldn't answer. Should I tell them? Tell them that I'm still holding onto a hope that I will find my childhood friends in this rotten place.
“We're going...” Paul said and stood up.
Alex and Bob followed him. I did remember how to get back but I felt a sudden tinge of fear. And yet another question arose. Was I that big of a bastard that I had no chance of being friends with the people I like?
Bob turned around one last time before he followed Paul down the pier. “Thanks...” he whispered, obviously torn between staying with me and going with Alex and Paul. He chose the second option.
I looked at their backs. Three sets of wings flopping in the air. One big and the other ones tiny but still beautiful. I didn't try following them even though I knew that it was probably all it took to get back on their good side. Another apology, another promise and they would have given me a second chance.
It was already dark when I got back. I spent my whole journey pondering about that feeling I had in the water. It had gone the moment all the sounds came blasting into my ears. Did I really know Bob before or was it just my imagination? Did we go to the lake? Did I go alone? Did I go at all?
I sneaked back to the dorms and into my room. Surprisingly finding it empty felt really disappointing and not relieving. I went to bed immediately, wondering wether or not I would be dreaming of anything that night.  

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fireworks ch07

Already the seventh chapter is up. I know I'm not very good at making up chapter/story names but I do my best. Hope you enjoy the story!



Chapter 7
"When both sides benefit, it's called cooperation."
Sylar woke up with his head hurting and full of voices echoing in his mind. He felt heavy. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t even open his eyes. It was all his fault. He calmed his mind a little to separate the voices from each other. He heard two heartbeats he already knew and one that he couldn’t determine who it belonged to. The first two belonged to Noah Bennet from the “paper factory” where he used to be imprisoned and the invisible man. He was probably the one to hit him so hard that time. The third heartbeat reminded him of someone. It was slow and regular. Innocent. Finally he understood. It belonged to Mohinder. ‘Innocent?’ he thought with a little surprise. His mind wondered trying to determine if his thoughts were true or not. Mohinder definitely wasn’t innocent when pointing a gun at him, and shooting, and getting his spine fluids. But Sylar heard his heart beat like that before. Only once, but it still remained somewhere in his brain, almost forgotten. Mohinder was sleeping. That was the one thing he could be sure of. 
Sylar tried to move his hand but ended up using lots of strength to gain nothing. Pain filled his entire body from toes to the top of his head. He shut his eyes even more. He knew he couldn’t open them now. Even a simple move like blinking could make those people realize he was not asleep. 
He relaxed, let his stiff muscles loosen up, making the pain go away. He focused on the hearing sense slowly absorbing all the noise around him. For some reason this ability worked while he couldn’t use any others. At first he could hear every car passing by, even the drivers swearing as the traffic jam getting bigger, and bigger. Then he concentrated on the voices closer to him making all the others fade away. He couldn’t help but smile in his thoughts. This was his true ability. To control and understand. He could see how things work and thanks to that he could make any power obey him. 
There was mostly silence in the room. The three heartbeats he heard from the beginning, the same number of breaths and some less major sounds like the water drops regularly hitting the bottom of the sink, Mohinder rubbing the cold wood of the bookcases. Look at that… The lizard once again freed itself from its aquarium. Sylar once again smiled in his thoughts feeling a bit nostalgic. Just like the animal escaped every time it was locked in it’s aquarium, so did Sylar when he was caught. He wondered if Bennet knew he was going to once again escape from him. Even though it wasn’t sure Sylar felt like there was no way he would die or stay in this place for long. He saw it. 
‘You think it’s going to work?’ Sylar heard a voice with Irish accent. He never heard it before, so it was most likely the Invisible Man. Interesting. 
‘Mohinder said that he couldn’t use his powers.’ He heard a familiar voice. It was Bennet. ‘At least in the beginning. But that is enough.’
Sylar smirked. He knew it could make the two people realize he wasn’t sleeping, but it didn’t matter anymore. He was now sure that it was the same drug as last time. And he knew exactly what to do now. He took a deep breath and exhaled a short moment afterwards. His breathing became more regular and relaxed. He loosened up his whole body as if he wanted to get out of it. He waited. It was the only way. He had to wait until he had enough strength to use his powers for just a brief moment. But it was all it took.
‘What about him’ the Irish continued asking questions. 
‘It depends…’ a cold voice replied almost free of emotions. 
Him. Sylar knew exactly who they were referring to. His whole efforts to strengthen up were put to waist. His breath became rapid and shallow and his muscles stiffened. A shock of pain went through his entire body and he pressed together his teeth to stop a scream coming out of his mouth. 
Why…? Why did he act like that? It was the same as last time, when Mohinder stopped his attack. He tried again to calm down but his heart still couldn’t stop its fast beating. He cursed Mohinder in his thoughts and tried again promising himself to be as wary as it was possible. 
It worked. He felt like the time slowed down for him a bit and closed his mind inside him letting the time pass by as he was half sleeping and half aware of what was going on around him. Focus on your heartbeat, he said to himself. Focus on small, regular sounds. Don’t let them get to your head. Everything else was like a dream, but one he could easily remember. They weren’t talking about anything serious. All they said about what really concerned him was that they wanted him to be awake. Good. That could give him enough time to recover. In theory he should sleep at least a couple of hours more. 

Sylar smiled at the act he was going to prepare. These people knew nothing about him and his abilities. There was no way they could see through it. He slowly opened his eyes taking his time to get used to the light. Everything was prepared. 
Sylar slowly raised his head looking with fake tiredness ahead of him. He had to use the short moment when the two men still didn’t notice him to turn of the IV. It was on his left. Just like the last time. A second to find it. He heard their hearts race faster. Another one to turn it off. A weak click could be heard as one of them unlocked his gun. The last moment to look at them… 
He made it. Just as his head turned he and Bennet looked at each other. He was alone. Or at least the other guy… Claude was his name… was invisible. 
His heartbeat. Both of them were nervous, but Claude seemed to panic. His breath was a lot more rapid and Sylar could hear him step from one foot to another. He cursed himself for not being fast enough. He must’ve seen him turn the IV off. But he didn’t know that Sylar could hear him. He was probably there to eventually stop him. This made it a lot easier. With that the invisible man couldn’t show himself and he couldn’t say anything to Bennet. 
Sylar looked around a bit tired. He used up his strength to make the first step of his escape plan and now was the time to make the second one. Regaining energy. His eyes found another person whose heartbeat he heard earlier. The regular and shallow heartbeat. Mohinder’s heartbeat.
The Indian was sitting in a chair tied to it with duck tape. He looked as if he hasn’t slept for years. Weak and tired. Unconscious. Sylar could imagine that they gave him the same drug as they gave him, just in a smaller dose.
‘What did you do to him…?’ Sylar asked almost silently. 
‘What was that?’ Bennet didn’t hear his question.
‘What did you do to him!?’ Sylar shouted acting as if he tried to free himself. Mohinder was a pretty good way to earn their trust. 
‘Not much…’ Bennet answered using the same voice he had used when Sylar was imprisoned last time. ‘It’s weaker than what you have and it probably won’t leave any traces of it in his body. Completely harmless. But it’s weird… You, caring for other people… He tried to kill you, you know?’
‘Five times at least…’ Sylar made it straight. ‘Six counting the first time, actually… But he also helped me… So now I’m helping him…’
‘That’s different from what I heard from Mohinder… He said you were using him this morning.’
‘When both sides benefit it’s called cooperation.’ Sylar said with a smile. 
‘Then what does he get from you…? Have you got anything that interest him?’
‘Oh, I got something… And he can’t do anything without me…’ Sylar’s smile changed into a wide grin. ‘What are you going to do to him…?’ he then asked making a more serious face.
‘It depends…’ Bennet answered the same way he did before. ‘If he’s helping you I guess I have no choice. Besides, he can even be one of you…’
‘Mohinder?’ Sylar laughed weakly. ‘I would’ve known if he had any power…’
‘Why is he helping you?’ Bennet asked. Sylar recognized that tone of voice. He used it when the killer was threatening his daughter, Claire. He was angry and afraid. 
‘Because he is like me…’ Sylar answered calmly with a smile on his face. 
‘What do you want to achieve?’ Noah continued with the questioning, trying not to believe what he heard.
‘Why should I tell you…? You can’t stop me, so why don’t you just wait for the results?’ the killer kept on being cold and calm making Bennet angrier and angrier. It was much easier to defeat a nervous person and a lot simpler to control him. ‘You don’t want to kill me…’
‘Answer or I’ll shoot him!’ Bennet shouted pointing the gun at Mohinder’s forehead. This was something Gabriel didn't foresee. 
Bennet already put the Indian on his black list for intentionally helping Sylar, even though the two of them were getting along so well in the last few days. His desire to protect his daughter was so big he would kill Mohinder without a second of hesitation to keep her safe. Especially now, that the Indian was helping the person who once almost killed Clair. In the beginning he thought of simply shooting Sylar, but the murderer knew a lot of things he also desired to know. Plus, he wanted to make him suffer as much as it was possible. From what it looked like Sylar seemed a bit attached to the geneticist, so hurting him would be more painful then simply shooting the killer.
Sylar looked with a bit of fear at Mohinder. He dragged him into this mess. He ordered him to get help. It was his fault. No. It was Mohinder’s fault. He could’ve easily said he was being used and tried to disobey him, which was actually true, but instead he ended up just like him.
Sylar smiled hiding the little battle which was taking place in his soul. He knew exactly what would happen next, but even with that he couldn’t help but feeling a bit guilty and sorry for Mohinder. 
Finally logic won over his emotions. It was the safest way at that moment. 
‘Do it…’ Sylar whispered. 
Bennet looked amazed at him.
‘Do it!’ Sylar repeated shouting.
‘I’m not joking, Gabriel!’ Noah said still pointing the gun at Mohinder, but looking in the direction of the other prisoner. 
‘Then just get it over with! Or… maybe you’re just too scared…’
‘I’ll do what ever it takes to protect my family! Even if it means killing a friend…’ Bennet said with his hands trembling. The tension Sylar created became too much to handle.
‘Do it!’ Sylar screamed for the last time.

Bang! Bang!

Two bullets traveled through the room and stopped just before the Indian’s forehead. Sylar smirked. He already removed the tape holding him down. But before he stood up something held him down for a brief moment.
‘He wasn’t begging for his life… he was offering you yours…’ the three men heard a weak voice coming from the place, where the Indian was tied up. Then Sylar realized… There was a small change in his heartbeat. So subtle that he didn’t notice it. 
Mohinder was smirking with his head still dropped a little to his knees.