Saturday, January 1, 2011

Xmas 2010 - The Night-Song before Xmas

Although today is the first of 2011 I will still be posting an Xmas story. Its this late because I finished it only recently. Its short and Night Before Christmas styled. Of course not as good since Im not that great with rhymes. I will get better though.

There is a story behind it: I went to wikipedia the other day because I wanted to read an article about Bob Hardy and his pretzels. Of course the site was changed and it said something different now. I ended up searching the whole history trying to find the original pretzel story (of course I didn't...) and I did the same with Nick's wikipedia page while I was on it - trying to find the joke that Alex apparently played on Nick when changing his name on wikipedia - don't know if that was true though - and I had trouble with that as well. Anyways, I found some weird stuff which I decided to make a story of. There will be a slightly longer version in the future probably. With an actual villain :)

Enjoy  (Even Christmas loves Franz Ferdinand)


The Nightsong Before Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the town

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The whole town was silent, every window was dark,
Even the magpies - sleepy and cold - hid away in the park;
But one house was different, one house was lit,
Music was ringing: Ziggie was it or maybe Lou Reed?
From the tree there were hanging CDs and guitar picks,
The decorations were even colored guitar sticks.
In that house three music boys resided:
Alex, Bob and Paul - forever undivided. 
One of them was missing, a dear and old friend:
Nick McCarthy - family man till the very end.
The three friends were not angry - merely teased him with a grudge,
And now in front of the screen, in their hands chocolate fudge,
They were planning their revenge - a joke of some sort.
They chuckled and they giggled as the plan was from end just a few lines short.
Their friend's whole biography, his interests and life,
His cat, guitars, home and even his wife,
They changed them all into a big stock of lies. 
Nick was now a clown, a juggler, a cook,
He made the perfect pastries and the whole wide world they shook,
Nick made children laugh as a second Santa,
And cry when from the local zoo he stole a blue llama.
They laughed creating a whole new life for Nick,
Bob even drew him riding on a pig,
Which was in turn jumping around a rundown pirate ship;
They finally finished after describing his Mexico trip.
They pressed submit and changed Nick's whole wikipedia page,
Just as the clock started ringing midnight as if in a fit of rage.
They laughed some more oblivious to the fact
That on Christmas Eve by a very old Heaven and Earth contract
Animals spoke and magic came down from Heaven,
Dreams came true by the rule in paragraph seven.
The music stopped playing, even the lights stopped working,
Jingles started playing and a familiar voice talking.
Their friend rode past in a Santa outfit, on a blue llama,
Its red shining nose was lighting the way to Glasgow from Fujiyama.
The three friends hid behind the tree, looked as Nick was giving presents,
Their surprise was even greater when they heard from the heavens:
"This is what you get for staying awake,
When the whole night is sleeping under the spell of a snowflake,
For braking the rules of Christmas, for joking on your friend,
Look at what happens when your Christmas you spend,
Not making music but joking around.
Next time take your guitar and create a pretty sound,
I can't wait for your songs and I end the song with a rhyme,
Your fan truly and forever - the Ghost of Christmas Time."

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  1. Good start to the New Year. Hope for more stories - not only about Franz Ferdinand :-)